YSL Mon Paris Parfum Floral | Review |

I’m a perfume addict and i always joke around with my girls about how i have more Perfumes than shoes.

Yves Saint Laurent, needs no introduction and has already garnered enough patrons who love the brand, me included. The perfume, that we will talk about is the YSL Mon Paris Floral. It’s a new launch and was released in 2019.

A lot of people have reinstated their views on it, telling that they prefer the YSL Mon Paris Floral to YSL Mon Paris original or the couture line and they are right, i absolutely love it! For me, a good fragrance has to fulfil a few requisites like :

  • It has to smell fresh or woody, I’m not too keen on aqua based scents.
  • The longevity has to hold up to at least for 4 hours minimum.
  • The sillage has to be strong but not overpowering.

So, now that you know what i like please base your decision on these parameters while reading the review.

YSL Mon Paris Floral :

Let me start of with the fact that, this fragrance is ageless, by that i mean that this fragrance will be loved by consumers of all ages. Also, how gorgeous is the bottle with a cute lavalliere on it. I’d buy this in a heartbeat just for the aesthetics but thankfully there’s more to it than meets the eye.

The first whiff that you get is that of peonies and roses. The notes get deeper after a dry down and linger around on your skin for hours at a stretch. Though the scent is floral, it isn’t cloyingly sweet, it retains the depth and doesn’t come off as powdery or sweet. The fruity floral scent is extremely delicate, wearable and fresh.

It’s a fragrance that you’d typically wear all year round and specially with the summers approaching us, this will definitely be a saviour!

Fragrance Insights:

Top Notes : Citruses and Peach

Middle Notes : Datura, White Rose, Peony, Jasmine Sambac, Orange Blossom and Magnolia

Base Notes : Patchouli, Musk & Cashmere Wood.

Longevity: 4-5 hours

Sillage : Fairly strong to Moderate

Price : $74 for 30 ml

So, do let me know guys if you’ve tried the YSL Mon Paris range.

9 thoughts on “YSL Mon Paris Parfum Floral | Review |

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  1. YSL Mon Paris Floral sounds really fresh and full of the fragrance of nature. Definitely seems to have the qualities I love in a perfume. Would love to try this one.


  2. The packaging looks great. I admire fruity floral smell that refreshes you up. The fragrance sounds soothing, something to vouch for


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