Ajmal Perfumes Launch in Health&Glow across India.

Perfumes are as much of a part of your personality as are your sense of dressing and grooming. There just are no two ways about how a perfume plays such an important role in leaving your signature mark on a person’s memory of you. You are remembered by the way you present yourself and perfume is the finishing touch that binds it all.

I, was happy to be a part of the Ajmal Perfumes launch which was unveiled by the beautiful Kannada actress Shanvi Srivastav. Ajmal Perfumes, have been a major player in the perfume sector for quite a long time and have been successful in making their mark known. I, personally have always loved their Oud and Bakhoor which are incenses for home. The mixes are a delight for any home and are such a necessity for anyone who knows the importance of a good smelling home.

The fragrances ” Shine and Blu”, were unveiled and as much as i love the longevity of a good men’s perfume, i couldn’t say a no to the women’s fragrance as well. These fragrances aim to be a part of your vanity and can be easily worn for both formal and informal occasions.

In frame Mr. Abdullah Ajmal

The longevity and sillage on both of these Perfumes is really good and i would definitely recommend you to give it a go.

About Ajmal Perfumes:

Founded by the Late Haji Ajmal Ali in the early 1950s – in Assam, India – the journey of Ajmal Perfumes is that of the story of ‘A Farmer to A Perfumer’.

Today, Ajmal’s family-owned business – headquartered out of Dubai, United Arab Emirates – is steered by the passion of the second and third generation of Ajmals; each playing a key role in the brand’s development and growth.

All in all, Ajmal Perfumes is a brand with a rich heritage acquired through almost seven decades of experience and know-how in the intricate art of perfumery. A true innovator and a pioneer in the creation to the marketing of perfume products to a global clientele. 

14 thoughts on “Ajmal Perfumes Launch in Health&Glow across India.

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  1. Love incense and perfume a lot. Both are great while one envelops the home in its aura the other lends an edge to ones’ personality. The Ajmal range of perfumes sound really good, something to try surely.


  2. My love for perfumes is forever.. I would love to try the Ajmal range of perfumes. They seems amazing. Shine n Blu will br the first one I will try


  3. Perfumes are an integral part of our lifestyle. I have always been a fragrance lover and I will definitely try out this one.


  4. Heard a lot and Ajmal Perfumes. The range looks worth trying for. Really like that its easily worn for both formal and informal occasions.


  5. Omg as Fragrance Blogger, perfume line launches excite me so much. I have been waiting to try Ajmal Perfumes as I heard a lot about them from my fragrance blogger friends. I hope they’re available here in the UK as well.


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