My Top 5 favourite photoshoot poses for Instagram.

You have your dress laid out, your accessories done and you’ve made all the necessary calls for the photo shoot tomorrow. You have your poses planned out and you’ve done a great job in front of the mirror as well. But, that nagging feeling gets the better of you.

So, for all those nerves I’m going to be sharing 5 of my favourite fool proof poses that don’t only look good but are also aesthetically pleasing.

1. The turn back pose : There just is no way that you can overlook this easy to do and power packed pose. Not only do you get to show your better profile but there’s just so much aesthetic in it. Definitely has to be my most favourite one.

2. The look away pose : Another winner for people who shy away from looking into the camera is the “ look away pose”, the art of disengaging from the camera is also something that will totally get those likes up and something that you will enjoy without the pressure. Here are a few examples :

3. The Stare subtly into the Camera pose : I, love staring into the camera, yes it puts all of my face out there but the whole idea is about putting your best face forward ( pun intended) . I, love tilting my head up or to the left or right and staring at the camera, while dividing my audience’s attention to my hands or any movement that I’m making. Just make sure that, you have enough going on in the picture and it’s not a picture with just your face doing nothing.

4. Side Profiles : I’m a fan of side profiles, whether you choose to go for a portrait headshot or a full length side profile, trust me, it’s gonna look gorgeous! Where my side profilers at?

5. Get a friend along pose : At the end of the day, your picture isn’t always about you, it’s a story and it’s beautiful when you have your important people in them. Interacting with a friend or anything that you love, just gives more insight to your audience about your life. And people want to engage with you, find a common ground and relate. The reason why you have people on Instagram coming back to your page is to see YOU and YOUR LIFE. If people just wanted to see pretty pictures, they’d be much happier following award winning photographers or models instead of you. So, just give your audience what they want! Nothing can beat a pose with your best friend!

And with that, i come to an end with my top 5 favourite photoshoot poses for Instagram. Do let me know, what was your favourite one?

12 thoughts on “My Top 5 favourite photoshoot poses for Instagram.

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  1. Some really awesome poses. Whatever the background, a good pose with the right bit of attitude makes all the difference.


  2. You are nailing it in all the poses. The dress, makeup and accessories are flawless. My favourite from the list is side and look away pose


  3. Oh you dont know how much i struggle to get the perfect pose for photoshoots. Thank you so much for sharing this as now I have an idea of how to pose in different styles.


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