The Relaunch of Ruf and Tuf and Newport by Arvind Mills

“Clothes mean nothing, until you live in them.”

It’s true that the clothing you wear, is a representation of so many things. From your style sense to your ideals, it’s a form of expression that is expressed without saying a word.

Back in the 90’s, when “Tujhe Dekha toh Yeh Jana Sanam”, was a hit ; there was another non Bollywood hit, that took india by storm. It was the conceptualisation of “Ruf and Tuf” by Arvind Mills.

India, saw the revolution of menswear by Ruf and Tuf when they introduced denim to every man’s wardrobe and made it a staple. After a gripping two decades, that very brand has relaunched itself with a evolved strategy, aesthetic and of course promise. They claim to market themselves as a brand that will be totally digital by reaching out to customers at the comfort of their own homes. They have a been in sync with the present day trends yet remain affordable as ever with their affordability factor being one of their USP’s.

The tête-à-tête took place in Radisson Blu Atria, with the CEO of Arvind Mills, giving us an in depth presentation of how they have managed to relaunch the brand and stay relevant in today’s time.

I, was extremely pleased to see both the brands “RufandTuf and Newport ” present to us their relaunched collection, which are ever so wearable and extremely comfortable with superior quality fabrics, extremely trendy designs and a wonderful price point. One of their signature pants are the khakhis with an elasticated waistband. The collection, has just about something for everyone. The collection can be found online on major e-commerce websites like Myntra, Amazon, etc., and you can also find Newport collection in Unlimited Stores as their in house brand.

10 thoughts on “The Relaunch of Ruf and Tuf and Newport by Arvind Mills

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  1. The collections look super stylish. Totally in love with the brands “RufandTuf and Newport ”. I am going to grab a few stylish Arvind mills collection from Myntra. Thanks for sharing.


  2. The collection looks amazing.. I love Newport as a brand. I will surely grab a few asap . Time to spent some shopping time on Myntra


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