Lash Extensions- Things Nobody Told You!

Picture a beautiful damsel and almost immediately your thoughts conjure an image of a damsel with caressing tresses, big eyes, fluttery lashes, sharp nose.. Hold on, did we say LASHES?

Have you been pondering about one of the most non invasive way to change your look without having an irreversible damage? If yes, then those long fluttery lashes are your answer to all those prayers.

Lash Extensions, are one of the most magical non invasive methods of revamping your look within a matter of 60-90 minutes. They change the way you look, you no longer need to put in eye liner every now and then and Yeah, you can definitely say “I, woke up like this” now 😜

I, loved my brief stint with my lash extensions which were everything gorgeous but here are a few pointers that you must consider before getting them done.

  1. It’s high maintenance. Period. There are definitely going to be lots of lifestyle changes in your day to day life. You will have to brush them just about everyday with a spoolie or an eyelash comb to keep them in shape.
  2. Just like all things good come to an end, so do your lash extensions and their life. The individual lashes start to shed once you hit your 10 day mark. Lashes require getting used to and can be quite tricky.
  3. The lash shedding is in irregular forms, thereby leaving you with a weird lash pattern on your eyes, which you may not like and would want to get an infill done for that.
  4. You can not, read CAN NOT rub your eyes vigorously. All you can do is tug and pull and wish the itch goes away or if you’ve woken up then wait for your vision to clear up.
  5. You can’t really sleep on your stomach with your face smudged into your pillow. Say goodbye to that.
  6. Your makeup removal act becomes a chore and God Forbid that you end up using a cotton ball to remove your eye makeup! Honey, that cotton lint is gonna find itself a new home on your extensions.
  7. It’s not removable. I, know that you already know this fact but have you really thought about it? If you decide that you do not want it, there is no way to remove them safely except going back to your aesthetician and asking her remove them with a solvent.
  8. If, you get them done at a dodgy place then there is a good amount of chance that you may end up with an eye infection or uncomfortable pinching and tugging sensation in your lids.

These are a few but genuine challenges that you will face after getting your lashes done & if you can work your way around them then there is nothing better than lash extensions for you.

Stay tuned for my next post, where i will talk to you about how lash extensions are done & all the juicy insider scoop.

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