Weight issues & Skinny Coffee Club- Does it work?

I’m sure we all are in a pursuit to be a better version of ourselves. Either it’s a physical change or it’s an emotional change that we are trying to conquer. More often than not, when things do not work the way we want it to work ; we end up feeling demotivated working towards the goal.

One of the biggest challenges most of us face is that with weight. Weight is something that is subject to many reasons & major changes in your weight reflects your overall health as well. It’s a sign of something going right or wrong in your body.

Why do I put on weight so easily?

Let me give you a few reasons why you might be putting on weight easily :

  • Hereditary reasons.
  • Unhealthy & sedentary lifestyle choices.
  • Disorders like hypothyroid, PCO’s, etc.
  • Age.
  • Staying up late.
  • Stress.


Let’s talk about Skinny Coffee Club :

Before we start, let me tell you that there are no shortcuts whilst losing weight. It’s a dedicated effort and requires determination & perseverance.

I, discovered Skinny Coffee Club recently a few months ago and i was intrigued by their popularity and decided to give it a go. They clearly state that “Skinny Coffee Club” works only with a proper diet and an exercise regimen. They do not in any way endorse the brand saying that it’s a miracle drink and you will lose weight at the click of your finger. They promote a healthy lifestyle.

Skinny Coffee Club, has metabolism boosting ingredients like “Spirulina, Green coffee, etc” to make your simpleton coffee, a fabulous one.

Skinny Coffee Club Original includes the following ingredients: Ground Coffee, Ground Green Coffee Bean Extract, Green Tea Extract Powder, Garcinia Cambogia, Siberian Ginseng Powder and Spirulina Powder.

Skinny Coffee Night Edition includes the following ingredients: Decaffeinated Ground Coffee, Fennel, Spirulina and Chlorella.

I’ve tried both of these variants and i must say that with the right diet & exercise I’ve seen a change. It hasn’t been a drastic change, it’s very subtle one but that’s because i haven’t been following a strict regimen. It’s a 28 day program & it did give me desirable changes.

The most immediate reaction that you see, is the availability of energy in your body. It almost immediately boosts your energy levels & banishes lethargy ( won’t do you much good, if lethargy is your state of mind 😅)


Verdict : Skinny Coffee Club definitely works, provided you follow their instructions & carry on with the program diligently. I, also loved their super fast shipping & the meal planner that they sent along with the coffee. I also believe, that this can be a worthy supplement to support weight management as well.

Rating : 4/5

66 thoughts on “Weight issues & Skinny Coffee Club- Does it work?

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  1. If it works for yoh then I think go for it. But, yes I’m sure it works only if we follow a diet and a plan . Thanks for sharing about this!

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  2. This does sound like quite an interesting product. Even though it is Decaffeinated ground coffee this must be the reason behind the source of your energy. I do like that they have mentioned that you need to have a proper diet and exercise regime to help you reach your fitness goals.

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  3. Aah! I see, I can understand your concern. But as it’s just one cup a day, I’m hoping it shouldn’t be too bad. Has worked well for me as an energy booster


  4. More than being slim I crave for energy. As moms I guess my all energy goes after my kids only. 28 days challenge is doable and I would like to take this challenge.

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  5. I was so curious about skinny coffee club as I have been seeing the photos on social media from a very long time. I’m so glad to know that this works in weight management. Ofcourse you need to follow the instructions and meal plans as set out by them.

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  6. I tried skinny tea version of it. Agree if we follow it regularly with the right diet and exercise, it works well to regularize weight loss…

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  7. I agree that the ingredients present in this drink possess a lot of benefits and will definitely help in weight loss if a regulated diet is taken! Otherwise also the ingredients are very healthy!

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  8. Haven’t heard a lot about this product, but it definitely sounds interesting, would love to give it a try


  9. wow it sounds like a nice replacement for several coffees that I sip through the day. I am seeing many bloggers raving about it. thanks for the review.

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