Brunch the Hijabi Way.

The beauty of a Sunday lies in getting up late, catching those few extra winks, rolling in bed & Brunch. Who could ever say no to Brunch?

Thehijabivignettes  - FD23D264-B9C8-4117-A69D-9AFF75132649

Brunches mean family get togethers, sipping up your fancy drink with your friends, soaking up the sun, binge on desserts and for some, the torture of not knowing what to wear for one. The struggle is real and real-er if you’re a Hijabi boo! Apart from not knowing what to wear, you don’t even know what Hijab you should be choosing. Do you colour coordinate or do you contrast? *the agony*


Here are a few tips for a Sunday Brunch Dressing for everyone :

  • Make sure whatever you wear, is either structured or flowy. Please stay away from skimpy clothes or ill fitting ones for that matter. We are talking class girl, not crass.
  • Opt for eye pleasing pastels or vibrant hues. Just stay away from the neons, nothing is gonna get more neon-y than the sun.
  • Safe bets are denim jackets, palazzos, summer dresses & well fitted Cigarette pants.


My Sunday Brunching Style :

For me, Sunday Brunches are always about maxi dresses and gowns. I’m a no razzmatazz kinda girl and prefer things to be classic. The adventurous streak that you would see, is only in my makeup look and Hijab drape styles, i prefer keeping the clothing part as classic and modest as possible.

Thehijabivignettes  - 04DDCFDE-82B1-43B7-8C7A-0E228ECAB888

Last Sunday, i chose this beautiful maxi dress from Mango with a combination of pink, navy, white & pop of teal & orange. Paired it with blushed orchid kitten heels by Christian Siriano from Payless Shoe Source.

Thehijabivignettes  - 3E4DE60C-F80A-4160-95B7-CE89CCBB114B

Being the makeup fanatic that i am & not finding enough of teal to survive on the dress, i decided to add some teal to the eyes from Bh Cosmetics’ Foiled Eyeshadow Palette and FOMO from tarte lip paint collection on the lips.

Thehijabivignettes  - 9A2F42E8-6836-447F-99BA-A4E7200FC105

Kept the accessories to a bare minimum by wearing a no frills pearl necklace & diamond earrings.

Thehijabivignettes  - 0144DB99-0988-4DF4-BF9A-0376F7B3B911

The Hijab style i chose was a beautiful side swept turban with side frill to give it a little oomph.

Thehijabivignettes  - DA8ECAAA-93F0-44A1-B41D-C0736288695B

Tips while choosing a Hijab for brunches :

  1. Make sure your Hijab is airy and light.
  2. Try to stay away from laces.
  3. Choose solid colours as we are concentrating on the dress and it’s better to downplay the Hijab.

Last but not the least, remember to love who you are, there really is no one like you. The best way to look good is to feel good.

What is your favourite no fail Sunday Brunch Outfit?

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